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Proposed California Employment Law: The Right to Disconnect


Recently, California State Assemblymember Matt Haney—a Democrat representing San Francisco—introduced Assembly Bill 2751 (AB 2751) in the state legislature. The proposed legislation would create a “right to disconnect” in California. In other words, it would limit an employer’s ability to reach out to an employee regarding a workplace matter during off hours. Here, our Riverside County employment attorney provides a comprehensive overview of the proposed reform.

Understanding the Employment Law Proposal: Assembly Bill 2751 (AB 2751) 

We live in an increasingly digital world. More and more people are working remotely—at least on a part-time basis. Further, employees are increasingly able to perform their job responsibilities outside of the traditional physical workplace and outside typical work hours. The proposed law—AB 2751—is designed to help address some of the complications caused by technological changes. Specifically, the bill seeks to grant many employees in California the “right to disconnect.” Should the bill pass, it would make California the first state in the U.S. to formally guarantee its residents the ability not to respond to work-related communications—such as calls, emails, and text messages—outside of their normal working hours. Here are some key points to know about AB 2751 and its progress:

  • The Primary Sponsor: Assemblymember Matt Haney, Representative from San Francisco.
  • Bill Introduction Date: February 15, 2024.
  • The Key Feature: Guarantees the “right to disconnect” for California residents.
  • The Stated Objective: To provide employees with the right not to engage in work-related communications outside of standard working hours, thereby ensuring a healthier work-life balance.
  • Current Status: As of early April of 2024, the bill was re-referred to the Committee on Labor and Employment (Com. on L. & E.) for further deliberation. As of this writing, it is still in committee.

If passed, the bill could create some complications for employers—especially those that have managers who regularly communicate with employees after-hours. Given the stakes, it is crucial that companies and organizations keep a close eye on any developments.

 Employers have a Proactive Duty to Comply With State Law

 AB 2751 is still a long way from becoming law in California. Still, the proposed legislation has support from some key lawmakers and constituents. It is clear that there will be a push to create a “right to disconnect” for employees in this legislative session and, potentially, in the coming years in California. Employers in our state have a proactive duty to ensure that they are in full compliance with all federal, state, and local labor regulations. Do not fall behind in your knowledge of legislation, regulations and cases that affect employer obligations. An experienced California employment attorney can help you put the right workplace solution in place for your company.

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