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Heat Illness Prevention Regulations

As summer heat has arrived, employers should refresh themselves on the Heat Illness Prevention Regulations (California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3395) for outdoor workplaces. These regulations protect every outdoor worker regardless of immigration status....

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The Rotary Club of INDIO SUNRISE

Posted by Joseph Daily of the Indio Sunrise Rotary Club on Feb 15, 2017 On February 14, 2017 our Flag salute was led by Bob Schneck, our Invocation by Denny Davis, and the 4 Way Test led by Pastor Stephen Sloat. Our program Today Attorneys Karen Sloat and Alexander...

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Piece-Rate Safe Harbor Deadline Today

Dear Clients, In an attempt to preserve your defenses, if you have submitted the “Piece-Rate Back Pay Notice of Election Form,” Karen suggests resubmitting it with the following language inserted in the “Other Locations Where Employer Does Business…” section: “In...

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Piece-Rate Safe Harbor Deadline

Dear Clients, business owners and Colleagues, I am writing to notify you that July 1, 2016 is the deadline to file a Notice of Election with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) concerning your (or your acquaintances’) past or current payment of piece rate to...

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Do you have Independent Contractors providing services to your business? If you do, be aware that California has strict standards to determine who is truly an Independent Contractor, versus who is actually an employee being intentionally misclassified as an...

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“Benevolent” Employers Beware

Sometimes an employer is approached by an employee with a special request, such as paying the employee “under the table,” or underreporting the employee’s hours to payroll, so the employee doesn’t lose certain government benefits such as low-income housing assistance....

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