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Riverside County Employment Lawyers > Moreno Valley Severance Agreement Lawyer

Moreno Valley Severance Agreement Lawyer

At the Law Office of Karen J. Sloat, APC, our Moreno Valley severance agreement attorneys have decades of combined experience providing top-quality legal representation. With experience drafting, reviewing, and litigating severance agreements, we represent both employers and employees. If you have any questions about a severance package, our team can help. To set up a fully confidential initial consultation with a Moreno Valley severance agreement lawyer, please contact us today.

Severance Agreements in California: What to Know

A severance agreement is a contract between an employer and an employee. These agreements are generally signed when an employee leaves a company. Most severance packages provide a benefit (severance pay) to employees in exchange for a release of all potential legal claims against the employer. Here are four key things to know about severance agreement laws in California:

  1. Severance Pay is Not Guaranteed: Neither federal law nor the California Labor Code requires an employer to provide severance pay.
  2. Severance Packages are Subject to Negotiation: Employers and employees have a right to come to an agreement that works for both parties.
  3. Courts Will Enforce a Valid Severance Agreement: Assuming the terms are valid and the contract is properly drafted, courts in California will enforce severance agreements.
  4. State Regulations Affect the Terms of these Contracts: There are laws in place that govern severance agreements in California. As an example, a law that took effect in 2020 bars employers from putting “no-rehire” provisions into severance agreements.

The specific terms of a severance agreement always matter. Not only do employers and employees need to make sure that their severance agreement effectively protects their best interests, they need to ensure that it conforms to the requirements of California law. Severance package agreements should always be drafted and reviewed by an experienced Moreno Valley, CA employment lawyer. Even seemingly small errors have the potential to cause very big problems down the road.

You Can Rely On Our California Employment Lawyers

Severance agreements are complicated. At the Law Office of Karen J. Sloat, APC, we know how to navigate California’s severance package regulations. We are ready to get started on your case today. Among other things, our Moreno Valley employment lawyers will:

  • Answer your questions and explain your rights/options;
  • Help negotiate, draft, or review a proposed severance agreement; and
  • Represent you in any legal dispute over severance pay.

Every severance package is unique. Employers and employees deserve personalized attention. With a record of client testimonials and peer endorsements, you can rely on our Moreno Valley severance package attorneys for top quality legal representation.

Call Our Moreno Valley Employment Lawyer Today for Help With a Severance Agreement

At the Law Office of Karen J. Sloat, APC, our Moreno Valley employment attorneys have deep experience negotiating, drafting, and litigating severance agreements. If you have questions about severance pay in California, we can help. Contact us today for your strictly confidential consultation. We represent employers and employees in Moreno Valley and throughout Southern California.

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